Welcome to Embrace Healthcare, experts in fluid protection. We manufacture and distribute some of the finest facial fluid protection products in the industry. Our UltraClear™ Technology helps keep our splash masks, eye shields and glasses fog free on both sides, static free and optically clear. You can rely on Embrace to be your trusted healthcare partner.

If you are interested in a product not shown here, please contact us. In addition to our flexible manufacturing capabilities, we also can source products through our global procurement network. You can rely on Embrace to be your trusted healthcare partner.

Cool Shieldz
Disposable Eye Shieldz
New! This product offers exceptional function and value! A unique combination of convenience, comfort, style and value are now available in this new disposable eye shield. The shield can be replaced in a matter of seconds providing extremely economical eye fluid protection. Additionally, by replacing the eye shield and reusing the frame, the cost per use is significantly reduced. Another innovative product from Embrace!


  • Non perforated holes!
  • Anti-fog on both sides
  • Top-down fluid protection ridge on frame
  • Wrap-around frame for secure & comfortable fit
  • Five designer colored lenses
  • Fits over prescription glasses
  • Latex Safe

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Catalog No. Description Qty/Cs
11000-500 Cool Shieldz Pre-assembled (10 per bag) 10bg/cs
11000-501 Cool Shieldz lenses (asstd. colors) 100/cs
11000-502 Cool Shieldz Frames 25/cs
11000-503 Cool Shieldz Neck Cords 25/cs
11000-504 Cool Shieldz Frames 10/cs
11000-505 Cool Shieldz lenses (25 per pack) 10 packs/box
11000-550 Wall mount bracket for replacement lens box 1/cs
- U.S. Patent Protected

Splash Mask Face Shield
Face Mask Our Splash Mask Face Shield utilizes UltraCleartm technology.

  • Anti-Fog (Both Sides)
  • Anti-Stat
  • Anti-Glare
  • Optically clear
  • Latex Safe
We offer:
  • Solid or vented foam for better breathability and comfort.
  • Soft elastic or adjustable Velcro straps.
  • All straps are secured to shield with an eyelet (not a staple) for safety.
  • A comfortable, convenient, cost-effective way to comply with O.S.H.A fluid protection recommended standards.
Catalog No. Shield Headpiece Strap Qty/Cs
11000-000 Full Vented Velcro 2-25ct/bxs
11000-001 Full Vented Elastic 2-25ct/bxs
11000-002 Full Solid Velcro 2-25ct/bxs
11000-003 Full Solid Elastic 2-25ct/bxs
11000-005 Half Vented Velcro 2-25ct/bxs
11000-006 Half Vented Elastic 2-25ct/bxs

Velcro™ is a registered trademark of Velcro Corp.
UltraClear™ and are registered trademarks of Embrace Healthcare

Solid Side Shields
Side ShieldsAccording to O.S.H.A. regulations1, "If glasses are the chosen method of eye protection (from splashes, spray, splatter or droplets of blood and other potentially infectious materials), they are to be equipped with solid side shields".

  • Only solid side shield
  • Non-perforated for solid protection
  • Quick and easy to apply - slides or clips on virtually any frame
  • Will accommodate any style prescription glasses
  • Latex safe
Catalog No. Style Qty/Cs
11000-111 Solid Side Shields 100
11000-112 Solid Side Shields 50

1 Federal Reg. / Vol. 56 No. 235, Dec. 6, 1991, Rules and Reg.

Protective Goggle
Protective GoggleSturdy, comfortable and snug-fitting for excellent fluid protection.

  • Vented for additional comfort and reduced fogging
  • Optical quality lenses for clarity of vision
  • Easily adjustable elastic strap to ensure comfort and protection
  • 99.9% UV protection for additional eye safety
  • Latex safe
Catalog No. Description Qty/Case
11000-328 Protective Goggles 100

Protective Glasses
99.9% UV Protective
Glasses Clear, lightweight plastic glasses provide wrap-around fluid protection and an extremely comfortabel fit.

  • Fits comfortably over prescription glasses
  • Side Ventilation for additional comfort and reduced fogging
  • Optical quality lenses for clarity of vision
  • 99.9% UV protection for additional eye safety
  • Latex Safe
Catalog No. Description Qty/Case
11000-300 Protective Glasses 100

Protective Face Masks
Face Mask(Procedure and Surgeons)
Pleated, comfortable and fluid resistant protective face mask that breathes extremely well. Fiberglass and latex free.

  • Filtration: 99+% filtration at .1 micron particles
  • Fluid resistant face mask
  • Fiberglass free
  • Latex safe

Catalog No.StyleQty/Case
11000-420Surgeons, blue (ties)6 boxes (300 each)
11000-430Procedure, blue (ear loop)6 boxes (300 each)
11000-440Procedure, yellow (ear loop)6 boxes (300 each)

Face Mask with Splash Shield
(Procedure and Surgeons)
Pleated, comfortable and fluid resistant face masks with integrated UltraClear™ wrap-around face shield. This product is anti-fog on both sides, anti-stat and optically clear.

  • Filtration: 99+% filtration at .1 micron particles
  • Fluid resistant face mask
  • Anti fog eye shield (both sides)
  • Wrap-around face shield
  • Fiberglass free
  • Latex Safe
Catalog No.StyleQty/Case
11000-400Surgeons, blue (ties)4 boxes (100 each)
11000-410Procedure, blue (ear loop)4 boxes (100 each)

Head Immobilizer
Head ImmobilizerSingle use, comfortable, stable and secure head immobilizer that is impervious to fluids.

  • Universal size
  • Secure and comfortable
  • Head immobilization
  • Impervious to fluids & prep solutions
  • Single patient use
  • Latex safe
Catalog No.DescriptionQty/Case
11000-200Plastic Head Immobilizer50

Foaming Anti-Fog Solution
New! The Embrace Foaming Anti-Fog solution stays where you put it - No dripping or running - Just foam on and wipe off. This product cleans and resists scratches. The unique foaming dispenser yields approximately 5 times the applications of traditional spray and squeeze bottles making it more cost effective to use.

Uses: On glasses, goggles, mirrors, windows, scopes, face shields and more...


  • Cleaner
  • Resist Scratches
  • Resist Stains
  • Resist Static
Catalog No. Description Qty.
9000-17 Foaming Anti-Fog Solution, 1.7oz bottle 24/cs
9000-08 Foaming Anti-Fog Solution, 8oz bottle 16/cs